Sample No. 73468
General info
Sample No. 73468
Old number 6
Latitude 55.67221
Longitude 25.38334
Depth / thickness (m) 362.9
Depth to 363
Stratigraphy free Gargzhdai seeria, Tilze
Date collected 1972
Collector Narbutas
Rock liivakivi
Material Sandstone
Institution Department of Geology, TalTech
Date added 2005-12-15
Date changed 2013-06-25
Country Lithuania
Latitude 55.67221
Longitude 25.38334
ParameterMethodMethod detailsValueTextError
Heavy minerals [%]separation0.06
Quartz [%]Immersion method (mineralogy)kerge fraktsioon83.3
Orthoclase [%]Immersion method (mineralogy)kerge fraktsioon12.2
Plagioclase [%]Immersion method (mineralogy)kerge fraktsioon0.9
Microcline [%]Immersion method (mineralogy)kerge fraktsioon1.2
Muscovite [%]Immersion method (mineralogy)kerge fraktsioon0.3
Mica (weathered) [%]Immersion method (mineralogy)kerge fraktsioon1.5
Gypsum [%]Immersion method (mineralogy)kerge fraktsioon0.3
Calcedon [%]Immersion method (mineralogy)kerge fraktsioon0.3
Counts [grains]Immersion method (mineralogy)kerge fraktsioon328
Biotite (brown) [%]Immersion method (mineralogy)raske fraktsioon1.4
Biotite (green) [%]Immersion method (mineralogy)raske fraktsioon24.3
Chlorite [%]Immersion method (mineralogy)raske fraktsioon5.6
Muscovite [%]Immersion method (mineralogy)raske fraktsioon2.2
Barite [%]Immersion method (mineralogy)raske fraktsioon0.2
Pyrite [%]Immersion method (mineralogy)raske fraktsioon0.2
Fe-hydroxides [%]Immersion method (mineralogy)raske fraktsioon8.4
Leucoxene [%]Immersion method (mineralogy)raske fraktsioon26.7
Apatite (biogenic) [%]Immersion method (mineralogy)raske fraktsioon0.4
Opaque ore minerals [%]Immersion method (mineralogy)raske fraktsioon15.6
Allogenic minerals (translucent) [%]Immersion method (mineralogy)raske fraktsioon15
Counts [grains]Immersion method (mineralogy)raske fraktsioon499
Size fraction 0.315-0.25 mm [%]granulometrye
Size fraction 0.25-0.2 mm [%]granulometry0.1
Size fraction 0.2-0.16 mm [%]granulometry0.1