Sample No. RK-000132
General info
Sample No. RK-000132
Latitude 59.378302
Longitude 27.504916
Depth / thickness (m) 678.74
Depth to 678.94
Date collected 2020-11-10
Collector Nirgi, Siim
Weight (g) 309
Sample purpose geochemistry
Rock Qz-Px-Amp-Mag gneiss
Remarks 1/4 core
Owner Eesti Geoloogiateenistus (EGT)
Institution Geological Survey of Estonia
Date added 2022-05-24
Country Estonia
Latitude 59.378302
Longitude 27.504916
Elevation 40.30
Depth 770.49
ParameterMethodMethod detailsValueTextError
Au [ppm]ICPMSlabori kood 1C-Expl0.0038045120.002
Pt [ppm]ICPMSlabori kood 1C-Expl0.0006703840.001
Pd [ppm]ICPMSlabori kood 1C-Expl0.0010945740.001
P2O5 [%]ICPMSlabori kood 4B0.0750.01
Fe2O3 [%]ICPMSlabori kood 4B42.4360.01
SiO2 [%]ICPMSlabori kood 4B43.4020.01
Al2O3 [%]ICPMSlabori kood 4B6.3570.01
CaO [%]ICPMSlabori kood 4B2.9580.01
K2O [%]ICPMSlabori kood 4B0.3370.01
MgO [%]ICPMSlabori kood 4B2.9380.01
MnO [%]ICPMSlabori kood 4B1.2330.001
Na2O [%]ICPMSlabori kood 4B0.4240.01
TiO2 [%]ICPMSlabori kood 4B0.3060.001
Ba [ppm]ICPMSlabori kood 4B533.82
Be [ppm]ICPMSlabori kood 4B1.31
Sc [ppm]ICPMSlabori kood 4B91
Sr [ppm]ICPMSlabori kood 4B125.12
V [ppm]ICPMSlabori kood 4B78.15
Y [ppm]ICPMSlabori kood 4B6.81
Zr [ppm]ICPMSlabori kood 4B55.22
Cu [ppm]ICPMSlabori kood Ultratrace 73.0784152
Ni [ppm]ICPMSlabori kood Ultratrace 743.4059310
Cr [ppm]ICPMSlabori kood Ultratrace 7142.730430
Co [ppm]ICPMSlabori kood Ultratrace 724.788780.2
Se [ppm]ICPMSlabori kood Ultratrace 74.858328