Sample No. RK-000098
General info
Sample No. RK-000098
Latitude 59.378302
Longitude 27.504916
Depth / thickness (m) 504.75
Depth to 504.95
Date collected 2020-11-10
Collector Nirgi, Siim
Weight (g) 296
Sample purpose geochemistry and mineralogy
Rock Px-Grt gneiss
Remarks 1/4 core
Owner Eesti Geoloogiateenistus (EGT)
Institution Geological Survey of Estonia
Date added 2022-05-24
Country Estonia
Latitude 59.378302
Longitude 27.504916
Elevation 40.30
Depth 770.49
ParameterMethodMethod detailsValueTextError
Quartz [%]XRD (powder)28.3
Plagioclase [%]XRD (powder)4.1
Micas [%]XRD (powder)7.7
Amphibole [%]XRD (powder)4.6
Pyroxene [%]XRD (powder)2.3
Garnet [%]XRD (powder)33.1
Pyrite [%]XRD (powder)2
Pyrrhotite [%]XRD (powder)15.4
Magnetite [%]XRD (powder)1.4
Kaolinite [%]XRD (powder)1.1
Au [ppm]ICPMSlabori kood 1C-Expl0.0427610.002
Pt [ppm]ICPMSlabori kood 1C-Expl0.001206850.001
Pd [ppm]ICPMSlabori kood 1C-Expl0.0012443750.001
P2O5 [%]ICPMSlabori kood 4B0.16427080.01
Fe2O3 [%]ICPMSlabori kood 4B21.235550.01
SiO2 [%]ICPMSlabori kood 4B52.340050.01
Al2O3 [%]ICPMSlabori kood 4B10.975670.01
CaO [%]ICPMSlabori kood 4B3.6399420.01
K2O [%]ICPMSlabori kood 4B0.66387710.01
MgO [%]ICPMSlabori kood 4B2.9785820.01
MnO [%]ICPMSlabori kood 4B4.438480.001
Na2O [%]ICPMSlabori kood 4B0.11556160.01
TiO2 [%]ICPMSlabori kood 4B0.43370140.001
Ba [ppm]ICPMSlabori kood 4B168.76392
Be [ppm]ICPMSlabori kood 4B1.4538281