Sample No. 107
General info
Old number 107
Depth / thickness (m) 38
Date collected 1994
Collector Shogenova, Alla
Weight (g) 75
Owner Shogenova, Alla
Institution Department of Geology, TalTech
Date added 2013-10-28
Date changed 2023-09-28
Country Estonia
Depth 245.1
ParameterMethodMethod detailsValueTextError
SiO2 [%]XRF1.13
TiO2 [%]XRF0
Al2O3 [%]XRF0.22
Fe2O3total [%]XRF0.2
MnO [%]XRF0
MgO [%]XRF1.12
CaO [%]XRF53.27
Na2O [%]XRF0.02
K2O [%]XRF0.12
P2O5 [%]XRF0
S [%]XRF0.04
CO2 [%]XRF43.26
Cl [%]XRF0.04
Insoluble residue [%]Insoluble residue by gravimetric method2.16
MgO [%]Titration method 0.31
CaO [%]Titration method 51.91
FeO [%]Titration method 0.11
Fe2O3 [%]Titration method 0.08
Fe2O3total [%]Titration method 0.2
Dry density [kg/m3]density and porosity analysis2712
Wet density [kg/m3]density and porosity analysis2713
Grain density [kg/m3]density and porosity analysis2716
Porosity [%]density and porosity analysis0.1
P-wave velocity [m/sec in dry sample]P- and S-wave velocity5721
P-wave velocity [m/sec in wet sample]P- and S-wave velocity6036.75