Suigu borehole
General info
Name Suigu borehole
Number S-3
Type borehole (section)
Country Estonia
Parish Are
Latitude 58.526969
Longitude 24.70227
X 6487642
Y 540912
Coordinate precision 1-10 km
Coord. method Est Land Board map server
Location remarks asukoht vajab täpsustamist
Strat. top
Strat. base
Date added 2014-02-28
Date changed 2015-06-16
Männik et al., 2014a
The Llandovery–Wenlock boundary interval in west-central continental Estonia: an example from the Suigu (S-3) core section
1-17detailed description, conodonts, chitinozoans, geochemistry; 6.2-40.0 m