Satsu peat area
General info
Name Satsu peat area
Area type peat area
Area (ha) 2108
Deposit (ha) 415

The peatland is located in the northwestern part of Ida-Viru county, 2 km west of the city of Kiviõli, in a flat slope depression. The south-eastern part is crossed by the Tallinn-St. Petersburg railway and road. The bog peat formed by terrestrialisation of a shallow lake (there is a 0.5 m thick layer of lake mud under peat) (Orru et al., 1975). The peatlands feeds on groundwater and flood water, the water recipient is the Purtse River. There is a pine-birch woodland, and a wooded-grass bog in the river area in the peatland. The area of ​​the peatland is 2108 ha, of which 415 ha is peat deposit. The peat reserve of 1.07 million tons belongs to the potentially economic reserves of well-decomposed peat (Orru et al., 1992). Peat layers consisting of moderately decomposed (32%) reed or sedge peat, are spreading in the peatland. In peripheral areas, there is well-decomposed (30%) wood and wood-sedge peat. The thickness of the deposit is 1.2 ... 2.3 m, ash is content  is10.2%,  moisture content is 88% (Orru et al., 1975). The edges of the bog are drained. The drainage network has been deepened in places by blasting bedrock. In the southern part, the groundwater level has decreased somewhat due to the  oil shale mines. It is recommended to keep the  Satsu  in its current state.

EGF 5162 | 5252 | 7329
Nature protection (reference to the register)
Date added 2020-01-07
Date changed 2021-04-03
NameAreaLatitudeLongitudeElevation (m)Depth / thickness (m)
Satsu_212 Satsu peat area 59.36944126.86577354.51.9
Satsu_213 Satsu peat area 59.38505726.90341549.21.7
Satsu_214 Satsu peat area 59.37356426.91522248.71.75