Kure peat area
General info
Name Kure peat area
Area type peat area
Area (ha) 2196
Deposit (ha) 1374.06

Kuresoo is located in the northwestern border of Ida-Viru County in a slope, 27 km west of the city of Jõhvi. The Sonda-Padaoru road passes from the southern and western part. The peat formed by terrestrialisation. It feeds on precipitation, the outlying areas also on the water flowing from the northern and bog areas, the river Erra is the water recipient.  In the peatland grows fen woodland, the main part is occupied by wooded  bog. The area of ​​the peatland is 2196 ha, of which the peat deposit is 1374.06 ha; registry card no. 524. The peat reserve of slightly decomposed peat is (0.471 million tons economic probable reserves), well-decomposed peat reserve is 7.61 million tons (economic probable reserves) . The area of the fen deposit is1445 ha, transitional deposit 226h, mixed-bog deposit 320 ha, bog deposit 165 ha (Orru et al., 1975, 1992. In the lower part of the deposit there are moderately decomposed wood , which is covered by slightly decomposed Sphagnum peat .The average thickness of well-decomposed fen peat is 1.81 m and the maximum is 2 m. was 2.7%. The peat reserve is 2.6 million tons. The average thickness of well-decomposed  transitional deposit is 2.14 m and the maximum is 3.4 m. The degree of decomposition is 34%, ash content is 2.7% and natural moisture content is 91%. The average thickness of well-decomposed peat in the mixed- bog deposit is 4.23 m and max 5 m. The degree of decomposition is 26%, the ash content  is1.9% and the natural moisture content is 92%. The average thickness of slightly decomposed peat in the bog area is 1.1 m and the maximum is 2.4 m. The degree of decomposition is 14%, natural moisture content is 93% and ash  content is 1.6%. The average thickness of well-decomposed peat in the bog area is 3.4 m and the maximum is 4.3 m. The degree of decomposition is 21%, natural moisture content  is 92% and ash content is 2.4%. In Kuresoo are  an old overgrown drainage ditches, forest drainage has been done on the outskirts. According to the list of use of peatlands prepared by the Ministry of the Environment (Regulation no. 87; 27.12.2016), 1016.1 ha have been included in the perspective areas.

EGF 5162 | 5252 | 7329
Nature protection (reference to the register)
Date added 2020-01-07
Date changed 2021-04-03
NameAreaLatitudeLongitudeElevation (m)Depth / thickness (m)
Kure_15 Kure peat area 59.3864126.799654595
Kure_16 Kure peat area 59.39112926.78896161.55.75
Kure_17 Kure peat area 59.39382626.79314561.26.25
Kure_18 Kure peat area 59.4020826.80632955.82
Kure_114 Kure peat area 59.38546426.772245591.5
Kure_115 Kure peat area 59.38037126.78787359.13