Ontika peat area
General info
Name Ontika peat area
Area (ha) 1162
Deposit (ha) 277.47

Peatland is located in the northern part of Ida-Viru county, in a flat depression. The southwestern part passed through  byTallinn-St. St. Petersburg highway. The peat formed by terrestrialisation of the lake (there is a 0.4 m thick layer of lake mud under the peat) (Orru, 1975). It feeds on moraine water and precipitation, the water recipient is the Ontika main ditch. Peat lies on moraine. In the peatland spreads wooded mire and wooded bog , 168 ha are cultivated. The area of ​​the peatland is 1162 ha, of which 277.47 ha is peat deposit; registry card no. 539;  0.056 million tons are  slightly  decomposed peat economic probable  reserves and 0.756 million tons  well-decomposed economic probable reserves . There is 1054 ha of fen deposit and 108 ha of bog deposit. The fen deposit consists of well-decomposed wood- reed peat (42%), with an ash content of 7.6% and a moisture content of 90%, thickness 1.03 ... 2.0 m. The bog deposit is formed by slightly decomposed (12%) Sphagnum peat (0.75 m) at the top, well-decomposed (38%) pine peat below it, and transitional peat  at the bottom of the profile (Orru et al., 1975). The deposit is drained. Geological surveys are required for the commissioning of the peat deposit. The list of usable peatlands compiled by the Ministry of the Environment includes 200 ha of promising stocks (Regulation no. 87; 27.12.2016).

EGF 5162 | 5252 | 7329
Nature protection (reference to the register) KLO9316272 | KLO9316250
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Date added 2020-01-07
Date changed 2021-04-03
NameAreaLatitudeLongitudeElevation (m)Depth / thickness (m)
Ontika_1 Ontika peat area 59.43693827.3304451.81.5
Ontika_2 Ontika peat area 59.43486227.3449753.31.75
Ontika_3 Ontika peat area 59.42588327.3517152.71.25
Ontika_4 Ontika peat area 59.42142527.35735751.21