Saka peat area
General info
Name Saka peat area
Area type peat area
Area (ha) 70
Deposit (ha) 41

Peatland is located in the northern part of Ida-Viru County, 3 km west of the village of Ontika-Saka, in the area between the Tallinn-Narva road and near the klint. The peat  formed by the paludification. It feeds on moraine water and precipitation, the main water recipient is the Varnja main ditch. The northeastern part of the peatland is cultivated. The natural area of the peatland is covered by woody shrubs and wooded bog. The area of ​​the peatland is 70 ha, of which 41 ha is a peat deposit. The peat reserve of 0.11 million  tons are registered as economic probably  reserves of well-decomposed peat (Orru, 1995). There are 29 ha of fen deposit and 41 ha of mixed- bog deposit. The fen deposit occurs in the outskirts of the bog and consists of wood-sedge and sedge-Hypnum  peat. The deposit has a medium thickness (0.5 m), a degree of decomposition is 25%,  ash content is 6.5% and a moisture content is 88%. The mixed- bog deposit covers the middle part of the bog. At the bottom of the profile, the degree of decomposition of the moss peat is 25%, at the top there is well-decomposed (50%) wood bog peat. The thickness of the deposit is 1.1 ... 2.0 m, ash content is 2.6%, moisture content is 93% (Orru et al., 1975). It is recommended to leave it in its natural state.

EGF 5162 | 5252 | 7329
Nature protection (reference to the register)
Date added 2020-01-07
Date changed 2021-04-03
NameAreaLatitudeLongitudeElevation (m)Depth / thickness (m)
Saka_320 Saka peat area 59.42704927.18172448.92
Saka_321 Saka peat area 59.42924827.18739648.51.2