Lehtma peat area
General info
Name Lehtma peat area
Area type peat area
Area (ha) 244
Deposit (ha) 61

Peatland is located in Hiiu County, on the Tahkuna Peninsula, 0.6 km north of the Tahkuna-Kärdla road. The peat was formed by terrestrialisation, it feeds on groundwater and precipitation, the water recipient is the Kodeste stream. The wooded bog and wooded-shrub bog spreads with an area of 244 ha, of which 61 ha is peat deposit; 0.09 million tons of peat  is economic reserves of well-decomposed peat (Orru, 1995). The peatland consists of two parts: the bog to the east of Lake Lehtma (37 ha) and the fen to the north of the lake (207 ha). The thickness of the deposit is 1.00 ... 1.40 m and it consists of either well-decomposed (41%) reed and wood- reed or moderately decomposed (28%) heather-Sphagnum peat. The ash content is 3.3%, the natural moisture content  is 89% (Allikvee et al., 1972; Orru et al., 1988). It is recommended to leave the deposit in its natural state. It is also not included in the list of usable peat areas prepared by the Ministry of the Environment (Regulation No. 87; 27.12.2016).

EGF 5135 | 5248 | 7329
Nature protection (reference to the register)
Date added 2020-01-07
Date changed 2021-04-01
NameAreaLatitudeLongitudeElevation (m)Depth / thickness (m)
Lehtma_3 Lehtma peat area 59.07184222.630446.40.9
Lehtma_11 Lehtma peat area 59.06977322.63013971
Lehtma_22 Lehtma peat area 59.07234222.6439546.41
Lehtma_75 Lehtma peat area 59.06135822.6672068.21.5