Analysis (density and porosity analysis) from sample
General info
Method density and porosity analysis
Person/Institution Shogenova, Alla
Remarks Density and porosity were determined using the water saturation method. For density measurements samples were dried at a temperature 100–110 °C and the weight of dry samples (Pd) was determined. Then the samples were saturated with water for 7 days and after that weighed in air (Pw) and water (Pww). From the obtained measurements the following parameters were calculated: dry density = Pd/V = Pd/(Pw – Pww), where V represents sample volume; wet density= Pw/(Pw – Pww); grain density= Pd/(Pd – Pww); effective porosity = (Pw – Pd)/(Pw – Pww). Research Institute of Earths Crust of St, Petersburg University (Russia)
Depth 59.6
Institution Department of Geology, TalTech
Date added 2013-10-28
Date changed 2014-01-10
Dry density [kg/m3]2563
Wet density [kg/m3]2621
Grain density [kg/m3]2720
Porosity [%]5.8