Analysis (density and porosity analysis) from sample
General info
Method density and porosity analysis
Person/Institution Shogenova, Alla
Remarks Density and porosity were determined using the water saturation method. For density measurements samples were dried at a temperature 100–110 °C and the weight of dry samples (Pd) was determined. Then the samples were saturated with water for 7 days and after that weighed in air (Pw) and water (Pww). From the obtained measurements the following parameters were calculated: dry density = Pd/V = Pd/(Pw – Pww), where V represents sample volume; wet density= Pw/(Pw – Pww); grain density= Pd/(Pd – Pww); effective porosity = (Pw – Pd)/(Pw – Pww). Research Institute of Earths Crust of St, Petersburg University (Russia)
Reference Shogenova et al., 2003b
Dataset Geochemistry and petrophysics of the Ruhnu core
Depth 598.6
Institution Department of Geology, TalTech
Date added 2013-10-28
Date changed 2014-01-10
Dry density [kg/m3]2562
Wet density [kg/m3]2622
Grain density [kg/m3]2726
Porosity [%]6.04