Geology and Mineral Resource of Estonia
Published in 1997
Edited by Anto Raukas and Ada Teedumäe

The book "Geology and Mineral Resources of Estonia" was published in 1997 as a result of collaborative work that lasted several years and involved as many as 62 authors, all experts in different fields of Estonian geology and georesources.

The full bibliographic reference of the original book is as follows:
Raukas, A., Teedumäe, A. (eds). 1997. Geology and Mineral Resources of Estonia. Estonian Academy Publishers, Tallinn. 436 pp. ISBN 9985-50-185-3.

This electronic edition is mostly a technical update and the original text is not altered except for correction of a few errata. The digitalization project was supported by the Geological Society of Estonia and Environmental Investments Centre.

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